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Packages and Pricing

The first step to uncluttering your space is a free one-hour in-home consultation to learn about your decluttering and organizing goals.  After assessing your goals, you will receive a plan for eliminating clutter, setting up physical organizational systems, and identifying areas where you can simplify routines (such as meal planning, handling paper and mail, and managing time).  This will help us estimate how many sessions are needed to create space for you to breathe, think, and move with freedom and purpose.

(Note that all projects are estimates based on the average client experience and that the client's ability to focus and make decisions will affect the speed of the project.)

Experience shows that three-hour sessions allow for the most effective use of time and energy.  Sessions may be booked

9 a.m. - noon   - or-    1-4 p.m. weekdays.

All-inclusive package pricing for each session includes:

  • Small donation haul-away with a donation receipt

  • Research and purchase, on the client's behalf, of organizing products

  • On-going email and phone support for your decluttering and organizing maintenance questions

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1 Session - $200
4 Sessions - $750 ($187.50 per session)
8 Sessions - $1400 ($175 per session)
12 Sessions - $2010 ($167.50 per session)
24 Sessions - $3600 ($150 per session)

Neat Storage Boxes


$200 per monthly session

This option is geared to the busy mom/wife or homeschool mom who would like the accountability of working on decluttering and organizing projects in regular monthly sessions when time is scarce.

Monthly session could also include help with meal planning (including whole foods/plant-based meal ideas), party planning, holiday decorating, setting up routines and systems, homeschool set-up, and advice on time management and establishing positive habits.

This is also a great way to maintain organizing systems you already have in place.

Monthly payments are made automatically the first of every month and you may cancel without penalty before the monthly payment is made or reschedule within that month.

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