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After college, she passed the CPA exam (although is not a licensed CPA), earned an MBA from the U of M Carlson School of Management, traveled internationally during her time in Internal Audit at Prudential, and worked as a Risk Manager at KPMG and United Health Group.  At one point while considering a career change, she paid to have a psychologist administer an aptitude test that concluded her number one skill was organizing.  At that time, she had no idea that professional organizing existed as a career!  Her mom reminded her that in third grade, she would always finish her work early and then the teacher would send her to work organizing the classroom cupboards!

Joni fell in love with her daughter when she was born and traded the Wall Street Journal subscription for Parenting magazine.   She had a son a couple of years later and homeschooled the kids all the way through high school serving as Treasurer of the homeschool co-op for several years.  Between 2002 - 2010, the family had three temporary moves to Hawaii and Tampa, FL and her husband had multiple overseas deployments.  The moves gave her a sense of the freedom of living a more minimalist lifestyle in condos for 12 - 18 months at a time with only suitcases of possessions instead of a three-story house full!  Her husband's deployments when her kids were young gave her a small dose of understanding the struggles of single moms.  It was while the kids were young that she discovered "decluttering" and the role of the professional organizer.  That started many years of devouring every library book and hours of videos and audiobooks related to organizing, time management, habit forming and decluttering.  

Now with her nest empty, she is free to pursue her calling to help others apply the skills that helped her along the way and to help them clean their nests! The bigger the challenge, the better!  She is passionate about helping others in all stages of life as change brings the need to let go of the old to embrace the new.

Joni and her retired Marine Colonel husband, TJ, have lived in Plymouth, MN for 25 years.  They have enjoyed serving together in marriage ministry for most of their marriage and are now discovering new parks and lakes Minnesota has to offer that they were too busy to find during those deployment years.  Joni continues her hobby of scrapbooking and loves helping others organize their boxes and stacks of photos.  She just recently finished a decade-long (on-and off) project of creating family tree scrapbooks for all sides of their families that included researching genealogy, scanning in hundreds of old photos, and distributing sorted digital and physical copies of photos to all family members.

She would love to meet you and hear your story!

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