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Space to think. Space to breathe. Space to move.

Overwhelmed with clutter and don't know where to start?  

Have an area of your home or homeschool that needs to be organized?

Need help identifying household management systems to help your home life run efficiently?

Do you just need encouragement to make those tough decisions to unclutter your space?

​You COULD watch a video and learn to cut your own hair, but many choose instead to visit a hairdresser.  You COULD develop your own workout routine, but hiring a personal trainer lets you maximize your time at the gym and probably yields better results.  In the same way, a professional organizer can walk beside you in a caring way as you tackle decluttering and organization projects.  She can help you discover your goals and what "being organized" means to you, whether it is a better system for handling mail, a beautifully organized pantry or just being able to find your keys in the morning.  Don't wait for a new year to roll around to get motivated...perhaps NOW is the time to purge the "treasures" that no longer serve you so you can live a life organized on purpose!

Unclutter My Space wants to help you feel that your home is under control and that precious time and attention is focused on what and who matters most.  Our passion is to help you feel on top of your home life so that home can be a place of peace and rest.

We service the western suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.

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